A former award-winning TV documentary producer, Peter Swain covers travel and property for the The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Express, Daily Express, A Place in the Sun, primelocation.com, retiremove.com, and a range of publications around the world including Caribbean World, Luxury Travel (Australia) as well as various Four Seasons publications and the Trinidad-based pan-Caribbean MACO magazine. 

Peter is the Property Editor at American Express’s global upmarket members’ magazine, Centurion. For the same publication, Amex’s Departures and NetJets magazine, he writes on travel, food and lifestyle. He’s also Managing Editor of the annual St. Kitts & Nevis Visitor magazine.

He writes on golf for Business Traveller, Daily Telegraph, GQ, the R&A’s Official Open Magazines, Golf International, the ABTA Golf guides, Monaco’s ONLY magazine, Improve Your Golf, askmen.com, and Arnold Palmer’s Guides to the Majors.

Specialising in Caribbean travel stories, Peter won the 2015 Award for the Best Feature by a Caribbean-based Journalist at the annual Caribbean Media Awards ceremony in New York.

He also writes and consults on corporate branding projects, including the LG Signature range in Australia, Discovery Land in the USA, Christophe Harbour in the Caribbean, the Nevis Tourism Association, Groupe Pastor in Monaco, as well as Boots and Nissan in the UK.

His TV credits as Executive Producer and Director include Branded, a BBC series examining the success of global brands Nike, Levi’s and Heinz; BAFTA-nominated Clive James shows; over 50 documentaries for Discovery and A&E in America, as well as Channel 4 and the BBC in the UK, and eight years in the BBC as Programme Director on Newsnight, the 10 O’Clock News and the Money Programme.

He divides his time between London and the island of Nevis in the Caribbean. If you’re interested in commissioning Peter for an article or project, get in touch here